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Wrapped in Gold and Silver -Mohammad Nurul Huda



Wrapped in gold and silver,

This golden land of green and red,

Celebrates the golden jubilee of independence,

sowing golden seeds; the land of hopes and

Language, the land called Bagabandhu’s Bangladesh.


We won freedom at the cost of blood-sacrifice of three million martyrs,

We wrestled freedom following self-sacrifice of numberless mothers and sisters;

We planted seeds of progress across the land liberated  in a war of liberation;

The golden land of prosperity marking Bangabandhu’s birth centenary;

The land of  hopes and language,

The land called Bagabandhu’s Bangladesh.


Let us visit our mother’s home; Come, all our sons and daughters;

Let us go flying on the wings of Betbunia, onto the world at large.


Marking the roadmap to development we’ve constructed flyovers;

We’ve hoisted the sail of progress in this land of boats, rivers and waters;

We’ve sown the seeds of techniques in this land of culture and agriculture,

The land of unending possibilities, – on inspiration from country’s Premier;

This is the moment of sowing seeds of golden jubilee of independence,

In this land of hopes and language, the land called Bagabandhu’s Bangladesh.


Translated by the poet.